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IFX, SmartPest, WDIFX

Resource for all your Paperless Office needs. The goal of each New Image Software product is very simple. We desire to provide our customers with tools that will increase their productivity and reduce the amount of time required to perform essential data management tasks regardless of whether in the office or in the field.

New Image Software products combine functions that normally require learning multiple programs thereby reducing training time and support costs. In addition, New Image Software products eliminate the need to purchase commercially printed forms which can save organizations thousands of dollars annually.

All New Image Software products can be deployed on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. Please check out any of our products shown on the right.

New Image Software was founded by Rich and Kathy Jordan in 2003. From that beginning they were determined to create a “virtual company”, one that would be intimately tied to the Internet rather than conventional “brick and mortar”. They began their search for software tools and online support and VOIP products that would make this vision possible. Plus, their guiding vision to “go green” by being paperless is at the core of all of their software products. New Image Software currently serves the pest control, lawn care, service, environmental and home inspection industries.

Their initial software product was the first pest control software program capable of producing service tickets and WDO reports on handheld computers. Through our InspectorFX, SmartPest, and WDIFX products all can be done in the field on laptops, iPhones, or iPads with immediate pdf reports to the customer.

New Image currently provides cloud hosting through their partner’s data centers. The company uses this infrastructure to interact with employees, associates and customers located across US and Canada. The systems they have pioneered enable any company to save upwards of 40% in overhead costs by eliminating paper processing costs. In today’s volatile economy, this can be the difference between success and failure.

New Image Software has been proud to be paperless since 2003 and has helped scores of service companies do the same.

Attention! All Users

TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES ON YOUR DEVICES IF YOU ARE NOT USING VERSION 19 OR GREATER as your data will not be accessible without an update!

For those buying a new Mac – Ventura, Sonoma and the M1, M2, and M3 chips are fully supported. Windows 11 is also fully supported.

32 bit systems are no longer supported and Chromebooks are not supported.

If using any version prior to 19 fill out a technical support request so a time can be scheduled to update your files.

Technical Support requests send an email of the information that has been received, if you do not receive a verification email concerning your support request, then please call and leave a message on our voicemail to get service.
Contact is usually made within 4 hours during normal business hours.


System Requirements
Minimum Memory 8GB
Minimum Hard Drive 512GB
Mac OSX Ventura or higher
iOS 16 or higher
Windows 11


Designed for rapid turn around, paperless, preferred by Real estate agents, clean, easiest to read report layout .


Kill the paperwork as well as the bugs. Spend more time treating less time on scheduling, calculating chemicals, and getting paid.


Quick paperless report and guarantees.